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The in-game Calendar is the tool we use to invite you for all of our raids. Our goal is to be able to build a strong core team for "new content" raids. Our Ranking system is based on your ilevel to make sure it meets the minimum requirements to participate in the various LFR's, Normal/Heroic Dungeons, Normal/Heroic Raids and End-Game Raids. Please make sure to notify an Officer if your ilevel doesn't match your rank (see Promotions & Ranks)

If you are planning to participate in raids with us, we need you to thoroughly read the following 7 points regarding "Raid Invites and Ettiquette". It all boils down to common sense and good manners, but we strongly need for you to meet our expectations in these areas!


1) Please be prompt to sign yourself in on the Calendar invitations. Waiting to click on the invitation the very day of the raid, is not very helpful to those who are trying to plan and build the group(s). If you want to participate, but are unsure of your real life schedule, please mark yourself as "tentative".

2) Needless to say... if you accepted the Calendar invite, please show up! ...and show up on time and ready to accept the invites to the raid group. Being grouped, in a dungeon or in an Alt when it's time to start building the raid group, is an unnecessary annoyance that slows down the invite process. No-Shows are extremely discouraging to your guild mates and to the person building the raid groups. If real life is interfering with your schedule, please be quick to let someone know as soon as possible so we may plan accordingly.

Waterfalls3) Please make sure you are adequately geared and meet the requirements for the raid in question before accepting an invite. You will be placed in the appropriate rank based on your gear item level, but this alone does not guarantee that you can clear the dungeon if you are struggling with rotations, have mana issues or poor raid awareness. Please gem and enchant your gear and make every effort to work every possible buff or advantage that could give you an extra edge during an encounter. High end buff foods and high end flasks can make or break an encounter. We consider these essential items to bring and use during a raid. Learn encounters by watching videos in Tank Spot, FatBoss, Icy Veins or by reading about the encounters on wowhead, thereby increasing your "Raid Awareness" and your chances to stay in the raid progression teams.

4) We kindly ask you to cooperate and to trust the better judgment of your GM and Raid Leaders. Please avoid displaying a sense of "entitlement" and grumblings which only poisons the morale of your guild mates. We are hard at work trying to pull through the difficult task of keeping everyone engaged and progressing. We will not take things lightly if grumblings end up being subversive or inciting others to be upset. Manipulation, trying to make us feel guilty or trying to force your way into the raid, are all efforts that will not be appreciated.

5) Please avoid unnecessary whisperings and emotes to the person(s) building the raid group(s) as well as engaging them in conversation or asking for resolutions to issues you may have. Whispers and emotes slow down the invite process, and if they persist through the raid, they diminish the person's performance while they try to answer you. If you need a summons, please say so in raid chat, and other raid members will take care of it. If you need to address an issue, please write me an in-game mail, and it will be addressed at a later time. Invites to the raid group will start sharply at 8:20 pm in an effort to begin raiding on time at 8:30 pm and end at 11:00 pm, shooting for a minimum of 2 solid hours of raiding, with a break at 10:00 pm.

6) You know those little add-ons, "Recount" and "Skada"? Please DO NOT spam them in Raid Chat, Guild Chat or any other chat, and please do not discuss anyone's figures in Vent Chat, unless you're an Officer or a Raid Leader in a private Vent room trying to come up with a strategy or a solution to the raid in progress. These addons don't always tell the whole story when you're just checking who did the best dps or who was the best healer, especially since mana needs to be strictly managed, spikes and spawning adds need to be addressed immediately, and dispelling curses, poisons, diseases and magic are vital to raid survival. High dps and low damage isn't much help to the raid, as well as standing on traps, fire, poison, etc, or dying too soon to avoidable mistakes. If you are viciously trying to outdo everyone and don't watch your agro, then you should yield your high dps credit to your healers, and realize that you wasted their mana and everyone's time if there is a wipe... We need for everyone to do what they are supposed to do while doing their best at all times. We all have Recount or Skada. Someone always has to be last. Someone always ends up feeling embarrassed, and there is no need for that. In the rare event that someone specifically asks you for their own figures because their add-ons are not working, then please WHISPER them their own!

7) Please be a team player. We don't care for "one-man-army" attitudes. Clearing raids is a team effort and you need to be willing to do whatever it takes to clear it (switch to another spec for a specific boss encounter; heal another healer if they're about to die ~ even if you're on "tank duty"; stop what you're doing to unweb or unspike a teammate, de-poison, de-curse or remove a disease, etc., even if it means losing dps or healing points in the "Recount" or "Skada" add-ons! We can tell when you're watching these add-ons... so, above all, please be a team player! And if you took the time to read this page, please send me an in-game message to let me know you did!!