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We are an Alliance Level 25 Raiding Guild on the Earthen Ring Server. We schedule raids 2-3 days a week, from 8:15 pm to11:00 pm Server Time. We rotate players according to skill, gear, raid mix needs and real-life schedules. We also schedule other activities through the in-game Calendar.

We are a group of (mostly) mature and fun-loving, drama-free players that want to work together to see to it that we rid Azeroth of all dangers. You will find that we truly care about our members and value everyone's thoughts and suggestions. We are very accommodating and understand that Real Life happens, and that's no problem, as long as you let an Officer know what's going on.

We are always looking for: fun-loving, reasonably skilled players who love raids, achievements and mounts! Players who are willing to adapt, change, and who have good raid awareness. Players who try to make themselves and those around them better in a friendly manner. Players who have reviewed fights before we encounter them, and are ready to provide or accept input and suggestions. Players who show up on time to raid, with flasks, food buffs, potions, aces up their sleeves! We like players who can take constructive critiscism; players without a sense of entitlement, who are willing to standby when needed or switch specs for a specific fight or encounter; players who are willing to go back to old content when needed for specific achievements or mounts. If you feel these apply to you, then we are interested in you!

Please send me a private message at queilaniwhispers@gmail. com, putting your in-game name and server name in the Subject line. Please briefly tell us something about you, how you feel you fit in: your expectations from the Guild and how you feel you can contribute to it (one short paragraph will do). Who knows? You might be Mythic at heart and you didn't know it!



Congratulations on your decision to join Mythic! Most of our members are currently gearing up for raids and end game content.

Besides being a great choice for a Raiding Guild, we are definitely one of the friendliest guilds around in Earthen Ring! All our members are team players and fun-loving, and we hope you are too! We take our raids seriously, but, whether we clear an instance or "chew glass," we always try to have fun and avoid all drama and judgementalism.

As a New Member, it is very important that you get acquainted with our guild philosophy on all matters. Our policies and expectations are clearly stated in the pages of this website, so we appreciate your efforts in understanding and complying with them.

We value a positive personal attitude and demeanor, as well as your willingness to work as a team.

Most of the ranking system in the Guild is not so much a reflection of prestige and such, but rather, a tool we use to quickly identify your raiding potential to ease the burden of Calendar raiding Invites.As the game progresses, we will continue to create or modify ranks as needed. Since the game only provides 10 ranks to do this, we need to shuffle things around from time to time (especially after new expansions), and your patience during this time is appreciated.

Unless it's a Guild Event, where anyone wishing to participate needs to manually sign-up in the Calendar, only your "Main" toon will receive invites (we only get 100 slots in the Calendar). You can switch at the time of the raid to a high-level Understudy to accommodate the right mix for a raid, or ask me to manually switch your toon invites for a particular raid, ahead of time. All our raiders are required to read the Dungeons & Raids page as often as necessary for this purpose.

Unfortunately, some New Recruits might not turn out to be a good fit within the guild, or you might not feel that the guild is a good fit for you... whichever the case, whether you leave or stay, we hope you will become our friend.

All the guild asks of you as a guild member is that you remain loyal to the Guild, be friendly and helpful to your fellow "guildies", and always have fun. The Guild needs for you to work hard to learn your class and your professions and progress through the game, while also helping other guild members as best you can and joining guild functions as often as possible. The Guild gives much of its efforts and resources to guild members; in return, we do expect and value your loyalty and cooperation.