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On Belligerent Behavior - Offensive name-calling, bad-mouthing or insults towards Guild Members or Officers will not be tolerated and may warrant Instant Expulsion from the Guild. Belligerent, moody and argumentative behavior is not conducive to having a good time and is not welcome in the Guild. Proper behavior is also expected when you are raiding with other guilds, as you are representing Mythic at all times and complaints are taken seriously.

On Guild Chat, Vent and “Drama” - Please do not use Guild Chat to spam "Recount" numbers, and please avoid all “drama” in Guild Chat or Vent. Never, ever insult a guild member in these open channels. The use of these channels is a privilege, and common courtesy is expected. Please take your arguments to a private Vent room or party chat or settle the matter in whisper mode. If you cannot settle the matter amongst yourselves, please involve an Officer and try to reach an amicable solution. Step back, breathe... and remember that this is a game!!!

On Sensitive Issues - Mythic is mostly a mature, casual and friendly guild, but we do welcome family members and friends of all ages. Profanity, sexual innuendos, racial slurs, political or religious controversy, or any display of intolerance.... are not welcome (especially on Guild Chat) and should be kept to no more than the rare and unintentional slip... which should be immediately followed by a sincere apology if someone was offended. Continuous displays of such kind may warrant disciplinary action, including being asked to leave the Guild.

On Demeanor - Are you friendly and good natured... or are you belligerent, moody and argumentative? Do you like to encourage and give advise to your guildmates to improve their performance... or are you just fault-finding and making them feel less than adequate? Can you be entrusted with sensitive and confidential information to be used to help a fellow guildie, or would you use it to gossip and throw it in the person's face? Do you look for ways to help the guild and your guild mates, or do you try to find ways to exploit them? Are you committed to the Guild, or are you just using your guildmates and the Guild's resources just to get ahead? Do you try to discuss and reach an agreement with the leadership of the Guild and then abide by our decisions on the matter... or do you instigate, incite others and bring Guild morale down to undermine the Guild's leadership when you don't get your way? Boasting and bragging and treating others like "noobs", trying to make yourself look powerful and them feel less than adequate does not win you any friends and could also get you removed from the Guild without a probation period. Team Spirit and Demeanor are main traits for which we scrutinize our members, so please be up front and honest, and try to embrace our carefree and friendly approach to the game!

On Consideration and Courtesy - Watch your language! We are certainly not trying to police everyone nor will we be "all on your face" if you have an occasional slip, an emotional reaction to a boss slicing you, or if you sporadically "punctuate" your conversation with less than proper words or concepts while in adult company... but be aware that we have family here and there are young ones around... and that constant vulgarity will not be appreciated by many in the Guild, including me!