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To lead our Guild, I count on the help and advise of the esteemed and respected members of the "High Guard". It is important for the Guild to have solid leadership and direction, and this Council provides such structure.

For administrative purposes, we may keep some of our alts in this rank. Council members will always be hand-picked by me. Please do not ask to be promoted to these ranks.

We agree that many heads think better than one. Our main purpose is to be fair and objective in all our decisions, while making sure the Guild remains a fun place to be in for all members, including ourselves (yes, just like you, we pay Blizzard to play and have fun too!)

So, without further ado, meet your Guild Officers:





I'm Queilani, your GM, and it is my pleasure and an honor to manage this outstanding and unique guild, as well as this website.

If I seem distracted at times, it's because I'm a terrible multi-tasker and there may be multiple things demanding my attention or blocking my screen:

The schedule, the ranks and promotions, repair allowances, the Vault (I admit I neglect it very often),  complaints and reprimands (not many these days, thank God!), Daily Guild Messages, whispers, announcements and communications in general... and manning groups for raids!

From time to time, I may also organize special fun events for the guild and friends, with the help of anyone interested in giving a hand....



These are my "angels" and loyal advisors to the Guild. High Guards act on my behalf when I'm not around, and I consult with them on important or difficult matters that affect the Guild. When things get difficult, I trust the High Guard to help me hold the Guild together. High Guards can also help recruit and welcome new members and show them the ropes. I trust their judgement implicitly, and so should you! These are the chosen ones:

          Decapitation - Vohthieth - Dorelaii
- Summannuz - Aresthena - Sarabell