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1) Most ranks have Vault Privileges, with the understanding that it is in everyone's interest to contribute and to place worthwhile items in the Vault and to be considerate with its use. If everyone pulls and no one replenishes, the Vault and all of its Tabs will be empty in no time... and Vault Privileges will be revoked and reserved only for the higher ranks. By the same token, if only "trash" is deposited, the Vault will soon be filled with trash no one wants and there will be no space for the good stuff! Use your best judgement and your best intentions!

2) Good items to deposit will always be those useful items from your professions... high level Flasks, potions & elixirs, 20+ slot bags, high level enchants, high-level gems, rings, necklaces, trinkets, mats, rare recipes, etc. Only high-level gear items, please! The higher your profession, the better the item for the Guild. New LEGION High end food and "banquets" are greatly appreciated. Think of the things you would like to see in the vault, and most probably eveyone else will want them too! I'm open to your suggestions... what do YOU want to see in the vault?

3) If you really need something from the vault, you can always address one of your Officers, to see if it’s available or appropriate for you. If it’s not earmarked for someone else who may be a more appropriate choice, and we see that the item in fact would be better used by you, then you need to equip it immediately (if applicable), in the presence of the Officer who gives it to you.

4) Every now and then, we will hold special guild events (like the Pirates & Ninjas Guild Parade or the Scavenger Hunts or Rallies) and give away Vault items to the winners.





1) We always welcome your contributions to the Guild, whether it's with your talents, professions, your time and... yes, even your gold! Your gold contributions are pooled in the Guild Bank to purchase needed repairs, materials & items that can help individuals or the Guild as a whole and to fund the prizes given out during our Scavenger Hunts or Rallies.

Our Vault already has 8 tabs. You can view the tabs as soon as you are welcomed to the Guild, and even have some access to a couple tabs.

2) We have currently given all levels daily allowances for repairs, according to rank, through the Guild Bank. We reserve the right to shut down repairs as needed, whenever bank funds drop under 100K Helping out with "The Guild Challenge" every week helps keep our repair funds at a healthy level, so please make every effort to participate!

If all goes well, we will gradually increase the allowance. If not, then such privileges will be reserved only for the highest ranks. The Vault log keeps a rolling account which lets us know when you deposit or make repair withdrawals, but since we are all now repairing using our daily privileges, it scrolls faster that I can monitor contributions. I would like to acknowledge anyone who makes significant contributions to the Guild Vault or the Guild Bank, so I suggest you let me know what you contributed, to get credit for your participation.