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Welcome to Mythic!

I am Queilani, your GM and Communications Officer. This website is one of the tools I use most frequently to share important matters with all of you. We update it as needed, so please take the time to review it frequently. If you ever need to send me a private message and the in-game mail is too limiting, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at queilaniwhispers@ . Please make sure to put your in-game name on the subject so I don't delete it as spam and please let me know in-game that you emailed me!

In the pages of this website, you will find most of the information you seek about our policies & expectations, as well as how to get promoted up the ranks of our Guild. Please take the time to click on the various links above, as they touch on different topics crucial to the smooth functioning of our Guild. If you are a new Recruit or considering joining us, please click on the "New Members" link, which will take you to a very informative page. You will quickly know who we are and our general expectations. Welcome to your family and home in Azeroth... and may Elune light your path!




Mythic's Statement of Purpose:

Mythic is a raiding guild with a friendly approach and attitude. We believe that this is a game, and as such, everything we do should be enjoyable and fun. Our goal as a guild is to progress as a cohesive unit into end-game content and become a great guild that can clear raids and bring enjoyment to everyone's game experience. Our strength lies in unity… we therefore find ways to pull together in spite of individual differences. Our hope is that all members of the guild feel like part of a community in-game; that we can turn to each other in times of need, and most of all, that we can have fun together.